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Know Where Your Food Comes From

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Thanks for your visit. Baron Farms raises grass-fed and dry-aged Angus beef, pastured pork, grazed eggs, raspberries and strawberries in Wapato, Washington.

Local Yokel

Baron Berries

Helen the Hen Eggs

Our Difference

In a word… Grass.  From our grass-fed beef to our egg laying chickens, grass is a major part of their feed.  Grass is a wonderful food source… for animals.  In contains an abundance of nutrients resulting in healthier meat and eggs with higher level of omega 3’s and lower fat and cholesterol.  We also give our animals lots of space on grassy pastures.  They receive no antibiotics or growth hormones.

We offer grass-fed dry-aged beef in 4 family friendly packages and USDA grass-fed ground beef.  Also available is pastured pork in 2 family friendly packages along with a variety of USDA pork cuts.  We almost always have available ‘Old School’ pastured chicken.  Check out ‘Helen the Hen’ for a list of our retail partners who offer our farm eggs and Baron Berries Upick for our berry products

Our Farm Products Our Convenience

There are 3 easy ways of getting our grass-based meats, berries and egg products. 1. We deliver to neighborhoods all across Washington State, or 2. We ship UPS throughout the Pacific Northwest, or 3. You may pickup your product at the farm in Wapato.

Steak Special!

This great collection of grass-fed dry-aged beef steaks is our special today.  We hit all the buttons for steak lovers with this selection of roasts, steaks, and ribs. Healthy food for a healthy family at a special price.

Local grass-fed dry-aged beef.  Non-GMO, no hormones, no antibiotics and you know exactly where they came from.



Weight per unit



5+ oz ea.

Sirloin Steaks


9+ oz ea.

Rib Steaks


16+ oz ea.

New York Steaks


8+ oz ea.

Sirloin Tip Steaks


10+ oz ea.

Stew Meat


1.1+ lbs