Fruit and Produce Farm-n-Box® Program

Back in the day when many lived in the country, a large family garden was common.  The garden would grow nearly all the fruits and vegetables for the entire year.  Hours and hours were spent gardening and harvesting... often canning the bounty into hundreds of jars.  Since then, some things have changed.


Today, many of us live in urban settings with small lots or even in condominiums. And there's a much better chance that you work outside the house.  All have combined to make the family garden a thing of the past.


A Fruit and Produce Farm-n-Box® program is a way for a farmer and you, the good food eating consumer, to enjoy a special relationship.  A farmer grows or raises food with the express purpose of doing so for a group of folks.  The 'consumer' wins in that they enjoy the bounty of the farmers efforts and the farmer benefits in that they have a market for their product (in the case of the 'Farm-n-Box®', before it is actually raised or grown).


Typically, the farmer says "hey folks,  I know it's winter but I'm going to grow this, this, and that this year and I'm going to make that food available to some of you (the farmer can't do it for everybody) in the form of a share.  A 'share' being some equal amount of all that the farmer intends to grow or raise.


As you can see, our Fruit and Produce Farm-n-Box® really only benefits you and me because we're already neighbors.  But there are other benefits to being neighbors.


Most food you'll find at your local grocery store has just been placed on the store shelf after traveling on average 1500 miles.  In the case of fruit and produce, that means it has to be picked and processed while still not quite ripe.  In the case of processed foods, it must have any number of five syllable chemicals added to stay edible for an extended period of time.



So what are the details of your Fruit and Produce 'Farm-n-Box® Program?


Starting in May, 2015 you'll receive a box of fresh fruit and produce from Baron Farms each week.  Our Fruit and Produce Farm-n-Box® program continues for 22 consecutive weeks.  Each box will contain the best of the farm considering the season.  In May, you can expect cool spring produce and strawberries.  As the season continues, other produce such as tomatoes and watermelon.


1. How much does it cost? 2. How would you send it to me? 3. What kind of fruit and produce is included in the share?


Let's start with your first question.  The cost of a 22 week program is just $23 per week.  For small families or just the two of you, we offer a half Fruit and Produce Farm-n-Box® program for just $13 per week. For your convenience, we deliver you box to Local Yokel, 32 N. Front Street in the old railroad Depot building.


Just to the left, you find most of what we're going to be growing this year.  Our growing practices are Organic in every important respect.  We will, but only if necessary, use traditional fertilizer for plant health and productivity.  We use no non-organic pesticide or herbicide. 


Don't have time or space for your own garden but still wish to enjoy the fresh wholesome of local fruits and vegetables?  Then consider purchasing your Fruit and Produce Farm-n-Box®  today.  We will be limiting the number of available boxes not because we want to but because we only have so much supply.


A Great Way to Enjoy Fresh Fruit and Produce as if You had Your Own Garden... Without all the Work

A Fruit and Produce Farm-n-Box® program is a way for a farmer and you, the good food eating consumer, to enjoy a special relationship. 

Your weekly fruit and produce box will be delivered to Local Yokel located in old town of Yakima. 

Baron Farms Fruit and Produce Farm-n-Box® Details

Early-season (May and June)





Swiss Chard









Mid-season (July and August)


Select early-season products plus -















Late-season (September and early October)


Select mid-season products plus -










Winter Squash

Storage Onion


Growing Practices


Our farm is not certified organic. However, we do follow organic practices in all regards including not using any herbicides, or non-organic insectacides.  If necessary, traditional fertizer may be applied to the soil only.


2015 Season


You can expect your first Farm-n-Box® to arrive mid May 2015.  As the date approaches and as with each weeks share, we will notify you by the email address you provided when purchasing your share.

Two Options to Keep it Simple

Full 22/wk share (sample)


1 - Head Buttercrunch Lettuce

1 - Bunch Kale

1 - Bunch Green Onions

1 - Bunch Swiss Chard

3 - Small Zucchini

2 - Cucumbers

1 - Lb Strawberries

1 - Bunch Basil

3 - Medium sized Tomatoes

2 - Green Bell Peppers

2 - Eggplant

22 Week Full Share

Just $23.


Half 22/wk share (sample)


1 - Head Buttercrunch Lettuce

1 - Bunch Kale

2 - Small Zucchini

2 - Medium sized Tomatoes

1 - Lb Strawberries

1 - Cucumber

1 - Bunch Basil

22 Week Half Share

Just $13.


This is the price of our 22 week Fruit and Produce Box per week.  The total you'll be paying today is for the total of 22 weeks or you may choose to pay a depost of $100.00 to reserve your share today.

PRICING: You may choose to either pay a deposit of $100.00 to reserve your share or you may pay the full amount of the share at checkout.  The deposit will be applied to the full share price.


CANCELLATION POLICY:  You may cancel your Fruit and Produce Farm-n-Box® program at any time.  We will refund the unused portion of your share back to the credit card you used to make the original purchase.

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