Grass-fed Ground Beef On Sale!

You may pickup from our farm or we can deliver to one of our neighborhood drops through out Washington State.

Our Angus are raised on a diet exclusively of alfalfa and grasses, given no drugs or hormones and humanely allowed to graze on high quality irrigated pasture.  Our grass-fed dry-aged approach gives our beef a superior nutrient profile, great meat texture, and a taste that keeps our customers coming back. With Baron Farms, you’ll know exactly where your beef comes from.  If you have any questions, please call us at (509) 949-9243 or email us.


This is a 20 lb package of grass-fed ground beef.  The grass-fed ground beef is individually wrapped in plastic weighing 1+ lbs.  Our grass-fed ground beef is between 8-10% fat and is the healthiest way to eat beef.

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