Half Pastured Pork Package

A great selection of pork cuts. Great for just two of your or a small family.  You’ll have an opportunity to tell us how you want this package cut.

What's Included...

Chops and Steaks:


This package will include:


24 Pork Chopscut to 6-7 oz.

8 Pork steakscut to 6-8 oz.


Smoked Ham:


This package will contain 2 Smoked Hams each cut to 3-4 lbs.




7-8 lbs of Bacon is included packaged in 1 lb packages.


Ham Hocks: 


4 lbs of Ham Hocks separated into 2 packages.



2 Shoulder Roasts are included each weighing approx. 3 lbs.


1 Loin Roastsweighing approx. 3 lbs.




You’ll be able to select 1 sausage flavors from the following list; Breakfast (mild, spicy, hot), Breakfast Sage (mild, spicy, hot), Breakfast Pepper (mild, spicy, hot), Carizo (regular or hot), Italian (sweet or hot), Garlic, Santa Fe, or Maple. 3-4 lbs is included in 1 lb packages.

Reserve for just $100.00



We price this Pork package by the ‘hanging’ weight. Paying by ‘hanging’ weight means you will pay on the basis of the weight of the individual animal (the fairest way possible). A typical Half Pork package will have a hanging weight of 82 lbs. plus or minus 20%. Our example then would cost 82 lbs. X $4.69 or $384.  The actual pork you’ll receive will be less due to the cutting away of bones and fat.


The size of each package can and will vary as the size of each animal is different. 

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