Save 5% when compared to individual cuts!

What's Included...

  • 1 Rump Roast - 2.5+ lbs

  • 1 Top Round Roast - 3+ lbs

  • 2 Chuck Roasts - 2.5+ lbs ea

  • 2 packs of Short Ribs - 1.25+ lbs ea

  • 5 packages of Ground Beef - 1+ lbs ea

Mount Adams Beef Roast Package


The Mount Adams Beef Roast Package is a wonderful selection of our best grass-fed beef roasts, short ribs, and ground beef.


All of our Angus are humanely treated to a diet consisting of grass and legumes.  Our beef is healthier for you and dry-aged for great taste.

Small Grass-fed Beef Package



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