Mt. Stewart Pastured Pork Package


A great selection of pork cuts makes the Mount Stewart Pork Package a palate delight.  Pastured and fed a non-GMO feed provides for a great pork eating experience... And the assurance that you know exactly where it came from.

Small Pastured Pork Package

Soy Free


What's Included...

Save 7% when compared to individual cuts!

• 2 pkgs Pork Steaks 16+ oz. each

• 2 pkgs Ground Pork 1.15+ lbs each

• 1 pkg Spare Ribs or Loin Roast 2.25+ lb

• 5 pkgs 10 Bone-in Pork Chops 10+ oz ea.

• 5 pkgs Breakfast Sausage 1.1+ lbs each

• 1 pkg Shoulder Roast 2+ lbs

• 2 pkgs Country Style Ribs 2.25 lbs each

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