Coming Soon: Plants Have Feelings

A group of reseachers discover something really interesting, publish their findings, and the world pauses to take in the ramifications. From this University of Missouri research comes this breakthrough news that plant life responds to external stimuli. A munching catepillar can send some plants into auto protect mode. The paper says something about vibrations can trigger an auto response from some plants.

Often this research is billed as 'breakthrough' science when in reality auto defensive abilities (and even carnivorous abilities as in the Venus fly trap plant) have been known for years.

Of course, some folks can't help themselves by taking their new found knowledge and drawing all sorts of conclusions. "Vegan Because Plants Don't Have Feelings...." is the title of article from the folks at Somewhat tongue in cheek... but you can 'hear' the wheels turning. Crunch crunch crunch...

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