Chickens Fly to China and Back

In a bizzare bit of global international trade intrigue, China is close to being granted approval to take chickens purchased in the United States, shipping them to China, processing the chickens into chicken meat, and shipping the processed chicken back to the United States to grace a grocery store shelf near you. I am not kidding (read this).

As the article points out, the Chinese clearly wish to ultimately take Chinese chickens, process them, and export them to the U.S. Not much wrong with that as we export meat products to China in substantial quantities for years. But the Chinese have an unfortunate reputation when it comes to food safety. It wasn't long ago when exported dog food started making our pets sick and worse. The dog food ended up being tainted. Worse, thousands of young kids were sickened when local Chinese milk production turned up to be tainted.

Frankly, our chicken processing record isn't so hot either but the idea of a future chicken dinner making a 6000 mile journey to find my plate just isn't going to work.

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