Our Small Meat Packages

With our 'small' packages, the quantity may be less but they're loaded with healthy pastured based meats.  No hormones... no anti-biotics... humanely treated. With Baron Farms, you’ll know exactly where your beef comes from.  If you have any questions, please call us at (866) 9MY-BEEF or email us. 

Grass-fed Beef        Pastured Pork

Soy Free




Saddle Mountain Steak Package
Saddle Mountain Steak Package

The healthiest steaks you can eat.  All dry-aged and grass-fed!  A nice selection at a great price.


Mount Adams Beef Roast Package

Roasts, Ribs, and Ground beef. Looks like beef really is what's for dinner. 


Mount Rainier Beef Package

A little bit of almost every beef cut. This the best way to try our beef.

Ground Beef Packages

 Dry-aged grass-fed ground beef. Dose it get any better than that? We think not.


Mile Post 67 Pork Package

Chops, sausage, and bacon are featured in this lovely package.  Economical way to try our pastured pork.


Mt. Stewart Pork Package

Everything Mile Post 67 package has but we added some ribs and roasts to this package.  A nice bit of everything!


Crater Rock Pork Package

More of everything... A wonderful selection of the finest pork cuts... and you'll know where it came from.


Pastured Lamb Package

This succulent lamb package can't be beat for taste and value... and you know where it came from.


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