We price this beef package by the ‘hanging’ weight.  Paying by ‘hanging’ weight means you will pay on the basis of the weight of the individual animal (the fairest way possible).  A typical Whole Beef package will have a hanging weight of 650 lbs. plus or minus 20%.  Our example then would cost 650 lbs. X $5.49 or $3568.50.  The actual beef you’ll receive will be less due to the cutting away of bones and fat. It is generally around 58% of the hanging weight.


These grass-fed beef cuts will be wrapped in plastic and ‘butcher’ paper for maximum freezer life. Generally they will be individually wrapped with some of the steaks wrapped 2 to a package.


Whole Grass-fed Beef Package





This package will include; 


16 Tenderloin steaks cut to approx. 8 oz.


24 New York Strip steaks cut 10-12 oz.


24 Rib-eye steaks cut 12-14 oz.


16 Sirloin steaks cut from 12-16 oz.


16 Sirloin Tip steaks cut 12-16 oz.


24 Cube steaks cut to 10-14 oz.

Included will be; 


16 Chuck roasts cut to 2.5-3.5 lbs. 


8 Rump roasts cut to 2.5-3.5 lbs.


16 Top Round roasts cut to approx. 3 lbs.


This package will contain approx.

160 lbs of lean ground beef packaged in 1+ lb plastic tubes.


*The actual number of cuts you receive may be different than what is listed here.  This is due to differences in the size of animals and the size of the individual cuts.  


Included will be a combination of Brisket(s), Tri-Tip(s), and/or Flank(s) cut to approx. 3 lbs each and include 8 pieces. 


8 lbs of Stir Fry/Fajita meat


8 lbs of Kabob meat


8 lbs of Short Ribs


8 lbs of Soup bones

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