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A Quick Update

  We are having difficulties with our mobile site. If you are trying to place an order, you will need to use a laptop or desk top. We are taking reservations for March Lambs right now. You can click on the Farm Products link and go to the Whoile Lamb Package to reserve your lamb today!

Our Farm Products

Baron Farms is a diversified highly sustainable farm located in the very productive valley of Yakima River.  Our family farm raises grass-fed beef and grass-fed lambs.  We also grow alfalfa, grass, and other forages.  

There are 3 easy ways of getting our grass-based meats.

1. We deliver to neighborhoods all across Washington State.

2. We ship UPS throughout the Pacific Northwest

3. I can meet you in the Yakima area. 

About us

Besides the old folks, the farm is run by some young folk with grand children soon to follow... maybe. We like to get dirty, be outside, and enjoy things either ripening or mooing.   And we like visitors.  

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Taking March Reservations

Please email me at if you have any questions about reservations. You can reserve your beef by clicking on the button below. 

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